NACAnalyticaGSESenior researchers of the Center participated in the Summer School of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) during July 1-13. The researchers of the Center attended courses on Advanced Bayesian Methods, Bayesian Methods for DSGE, Modelling Non-stationary and Non-linear Time Series and Macroeconomic Time Series. The summer school program was specifically designed for experts/researchers and PhD students actively engaged in research in the related fields.

The courses briefly covered theoretical aspects of macroeconomics and taught applications of both standard and modern techniques of macroeconometrics on country level data. The research activity of the Center has been focused on building Bayesian DSGE and Dynamic Factor Models for forecasting and understanding macroeconomic indicators in Kazakhstan, for which the courses were a valuable source of knowledge. The researchers also exchanged ideas and opinion with other participants from the central banks and PhD programs from around the world on the ongoing research of the Center.